Start/Stop/Transfer Service

Connecting New Customers

Begin the application process here or call our office at 252-972-1250.

  • NOTE: The City of Rocky Mount does not install natural gas services to mobile homes unless the home has a brick or concrete foundation.

Connecting New Service For Existing Customers

Visitor call our office at 252-972-1250 to add additional services to your account. The service is subject to availability of the requested utility service in your area and may require an updated deposit and/or inspection prior to activation of the service. You may contact Inspections at 252-972-1110.

Disconnecting Service

You may request disconnection of service in person or by calling 252-972-1250. Normally, your electric, gas, or water service will bed is connected within one working day after we receive your request. Request for disconnection of services can be made in advance. Once your service is disconnected, we will apply any deposit to your final bill and refund any credit balance to you. Please remember to provide the customer service representative with your forwarding address.

Disconnection For Nonpayment

If your service is disconnected due to nonpayment of a delinquent utility bill, a reconnect fee and full payment of the amount due is required for reconnection of service. In certain instances, a deposit may also be necessary. Please contact our office at 252-972-1250 to let us help you prior to your account becoming subject to disconnection.

Disconnection of Service For Customers with Medical Certification

If a licensed medical practitioner certifies that an interruption of service would be dangerous to the health of a household member, you maybe able to temporarily avoid disconnection. The customer has the responsibility of providing documentation from the licensed medical physician to the City if there is someone in his/her household who is either chronically or seriously ill, handicapped or on a life support system. The City will notify a customer with a medical alert designation that service will be interrupted. The customer has 24 hours before the City will turn off services once notified. For more information call 252-972-1250.​

Transferring Services

You may transfer your account to a new address by completing an application for utility services in person, online, or by calling 252-972-1250. You may be required to visit our office if there is an outstanding balance due on your account or you have a cosigner. You may be required to update your deposit depending on your credit history and/or the services requested at your new address. Normally, service can be transferred within one working day.

Conducting Business via Telephone

In order to protect your identity, the City will request identifying information to ascertain that we are conducting business with an authorized individual listed on the customer account. We want to help protect your identity and account information. If you would like to list an authorized person on your account, please let us know. Otherwise, we will only discuss information about your account with a person that we can verify that they are the account holder or an authorized person on the account.

Employee Identification

If an employee claiming to be a City of Rocky Mount employee or agent requests access to your home or property, do not allow them to enter unless they produce proper identification and state the reason for their visit. Visit the Scam Alert page for more information about how to identify City employees.