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NOTE: Please do not report power outages, gas leaks or other emergency situations by e-mail. Call 252-467-4800 for immediate assistance regarding issues relating to electric, gas, water or sewer services.

  • Have you spotted a problem in our city that needs to be solved, or have we overlooked something? Complete the form below and submit it to us. If the problem that you find is not listed, report it in the DESCRIPTION section. If the item that you are reporting happens to be a problem for another agency, we will forward the information. NOTE: Always dial 911 for police, fire, or emergency medical services.

  • What to do if you smell gas:

    Please call Rocky Mount Public Utilities immediately, anytime day or night at 252-467-4800. Don't try to locate the problem yourself. If the odor is inside your home or business, an emergency situation could exist and you should evacuate as a safety measure. Open a window and make sure you use no electrical switches. Extinguish any open flames and evacuate the area.

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If you need assistance other than the issues listed above, please call the City's switchboard at 252-972-1111 to be directed to the appropriate department.

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