Development Procedures

Site Development Plan Review

Site Development Plans are required by the City of Rocky Mount's Land Development Code for all new construction projects within the City Limits and the Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction. The only exceptions are for single-family and duplex residences.

General Plan Level I
General Plan Level II
General Plan Level III
  • Industrial projects of any size located in an I-1, I-2, or I-P zoning district

  • Areas not visible from the public right-of & way and not accessible to the public are exempt from paving and landscaping requirements

  • Level 3 plans are reviewed and approved by the Development Review Committee

  • General Plan Level III Checklist

  • General Plan Level III Submission Form

Planned Building Group
  • Residential projects containing 9 or more attached dwelling units (e.g. apartments)

  • Residential projects with attached dwelling units for individual ownership (e.g. condominiums or townhouses)

  • Commercial, office or institutional projects with 10,000 or more square feet of floor area

  • Commercial, office, or institutional projects with 3 or more buildings on a single lot regardless of square footage

  • Commercial, office, or institutional projects of any size in a B-3 zoning district

  • College or university projects of any size

  • Manufactured home parks

  • Planned Building Groups are reviewed by the Development Review Committee and approved by the Planning Board

  • Planned Building Group Preliminary Plan Checklist

  • Planned Building Group Construction Plan Checklist

  • Planned Building Group Submission Form

Exempt Subdivision Plat
  • Recombination or re-platting of portions of existing lots with no increase in the total number of lots (Minimum lot sizes must be met)

  • Division of land into parcels greater than 10 acres with no street right-of-way dedication

  • Division of a tract of no more than 2 acres into 2 or 3 lots where no right-of-way dedication is required (Minimum lot sizes must be met)

  • Exempt plats are not subject to Land Development Code requirements

Minor Subdivision Plat
Major Subdivision