Over the past 20 years, North Carolina has transitioned from a traditional economy based on tobacco, furniture and textiles to a global economy that is driven by knowledge-based enterprises, including advanced manufacturing, software and information technology, bio-pharmaceuticals and financial services. The Rocky Mount area continues to attract many of these new and technologically advanced industries. However, older, established industries, including textiles and agriculture, continue to thrive in the area. Agriculture contributes greatly to the area's economy, especially tobacco. The area is also a top producer of cucumbers, sweet potatoes, poultry, peanuts, cotton and hogs.

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The City works with several groups, including Carolinas Gateway Partnership, Golden Leaf Foundation, and the North Carolina Rural Center, to secure incentive funding for businesses interested in locating operations in Rocky Mount. For more information, contact the Carolinas Gateway Partnership.

For downtown-specific incentive information, visit