Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

The City of Rocky Mount Fleet Maintenance Division provides "cradle to grave" services for the City's vehicles and equipment, including:


The acquisition services include, writing specifications, obtaining informal and formal quotes from vendors, prepping vehicles for service, applying for tags and titles.

Preventive Maintenance

Perform regularly scheduled preventive maintenance functions on all City-owned equipment to increase the repair-before-breakdown ratio and to increase the life of the investment of our taxpayers in our vast variety of equipment as well to minimize City liability in the event of an accident.


Nearly all vehicles will face unexpected repairs at some time. Fleet will do our best to get vehicles and equipment back in service in a timely manner. If there is a safety concern or extensive work to be performed Fleet will perform or oversee any work outsourced to outside vendors. If a City vehicle has a mechanical breakdown or flat tire, and you are in need of assistance getting a vehicle to Fleet for repairs we will arrange towing services and/or tire repairs.

Fueling Sites

The City has 5 Fueling Sites that are monitored through Fuel Master and Faster Maintenance Software, which enables vehicles to be fueled using a Fuel card for on-site and off-site purchases. Odometer readings are used to schedule preventive maintenance intervals. The City of Rocky Mount monitors and provides CNG, unleaded and diesel fuel for all city owned vehicles.

Vehicle and Equipment Auctions

The City of Rocky Mount Fleet Maintenance Division along with Purchasing conducts periodic auctions of our surplus vehicles. These auctions are open to the public and are conducted through GovDeals.com. Equipment and vehicles sold at auction are generally surplus older vehicles that have been taken out of regular service because of high mileage, high maintenance cost and age.