Save Energy & Money

Save Energy & Money

Rocky Mount Public Utilities is committed to helping customers achieve their money-saving goals. We offer tips and tools for learning how energy is used in homes and businesses, how to reduce consumption and how to lower energy costs. There are also several payment options available to help customers manage their monthly utility bills.

Weatherization Rebates

  • Rebates make saving energy more affordable

Learn Energy Efficiency

  • Low-cost and no-cost tips for saving energy

Ask the Experts

  • Free energy audits for city of Rocky Mount customers

Beat the Peak

  • Save energy and earn billing credits with Load Management

Payment Options

  • Customer Service works with you to find the best option for utility payments

Energy Forecast

  • An online tool that uses local rates and the weather forecast to estimate energy costs for the coming week

Connect to Natural Gas

  • See how residential energy costs compare between using natural gas, electricity and propane