Our Mission

We, the members of the Rocky Mount Police Department, are committed to providing the highest level of police service. We will improve the quality of life in the community by building partnerships that reduce crime, maintain order, and create a safe environment while upholding the laws of North Carolina and the United States Constitution. We adhere to the principles of integrity, professionalism, respect, and fairness.

  • We have integrity. We are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards. We are accountable for our actions to the community and each other. We foster public trust by being honest, fair, and consistent.

  • We are professional. We are dedicated to providing quality service by being progressive, well trained, disciplined, and highly motivated employees. We serve as role models for the community by projecting a positive image with a spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

  • We are respectful. We are duty bound to uphold the rights and liberties of all people. We are sensitive to the needs of everyone. We treat everyone with dignity, understanding, and compassion in a way we want to be treated.

  • We are fair. We deliver consistent service to a culturally diverse community through understanding, open-mindedness, and non-prejudicial judgement. We are equally responsive to the needs of all people.


Robert Hassell
Chief of Police