Information & Programs

Information & Programs

Fire prevention and life safety is everyone's responsibility. The key to safety is to know the hazards you are exposed to and how to protect yourself from harm. Rocky Mount Fire Department prides itself on being a resource for the community for information on various fire and life safety topics. We promote and support community risk reduction through providing information and programs that help our citizens to take an active role in providing a safe environment for their families. Please take time to view the wealth of safety information provided and programs we make available to our citizens.

Citizens' Fire Academy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of the brave men or women who fight fires, enact rescues, and save lives? Well now is your chance to find out first hand! Learn more.

Shows & Tours

NOTICE: Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are not currently scheduling station tours or puppet shows. You may however watch our puppet show from our YouTube channel.

The City of Rocky Mount Fire Department has always been instrumental in delivering quality fire and life safety programs. Our two traveling puppet companies are no exception, and have been the core of our fire and life safety education efforts with the children of Rocky Mount for 20 years. During the month of October alone, we present our puppet show to over 4400 children. Our existing program is targeted toward children ages PreK-2nd grade. It offers messages about Stop, Drop, and Roll, Get Low and Go, and Matches and Lighters Safety. To schedule a fire station tour and/or puppet show for your group, please contact Blaise Harris, Fire and Life Safety Educator, at 972-1379.