Emergency Information


It is the mission of the city of Rocky Mount to advance the well-being, safety and quality of life for our community members, and we are in contact with local health agencies to monitor the spread of COVID-19.

Flood Damage Reporting

In the aftermath of recent rainstorms that caused the third-worst flooding event in Rocky Mount's history, the city has opened an avenue of communications assistance for residents to report flood damage.

Citizens can send an email to [email protected] as a means of self-reporting their damage and requesting an assessment from the City of Rocky Mount's Inspections Division. The Rocky Mount Fire Department continues to survey the area to assess damages related to the storms. Information gathered will be shared with North Carolina Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency for data purposes.

Downed Power Lines

Downed power lines may appear dead but should always be considered energized. STAY AWAY FROM ALL DOWNED POWER LINES. Do not approach or drive over a downed line. If a power line falls on a vehicle, passengers should stay in the vehicle until help arrives. If a limb has fallen on a line, do not attempt to remove it. Additionally, parents are urged to check for downed lines in areas where their children might play. Please call (252) 467-4800 to report a downed power line, or tree limbs that have fallen on a line, and the nearest cross street to the line.

Gas Leaks

If you detect a gas leak, DO NOT operate electrical switches or appliances, use a telephone or cell phone, smoke or strike a match, pull plugs from outlets, or use a flashlight or lighter. Leave the home immediately and call 911 or (252) 467-4800. Dispatchers are available 24/7.

Power Outages

Before an outage occurs, it's important to make sure the city has your most current telephone number on file so the outage can be accurately recorded. Please call (252) 467-4800 to update your number.

If you do lose power, first check your neighborhood. If you are the only one without power, check your fuse box for tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses. If that's not the problem, call (252) 467-4800 to report a power outage, downed power lines or any electric, gas, water or sewer emergencies.

The city uses an automated system to handle customer calls as efficiently as possible. Customers who get an automated response when calling are encouraged to use it, as it is designed to route their calls to the right destination. If you have specific information regarding damage to wires, transformers or poles, the city asks that you stay on the line to speak with a representative to provide that information.

If an extended power outage occurs, restoring power at once can cause an overload on the system, and power may be lost again. During a power outage, customers should disconnect any appliances or electronics plugged into a power source. Customers should leave one light on as a way to detect when power is restored. This will let repair crews know what services have been restored. Customers are encouraged to gradually reconnect appliances once power has been restored.

Local Emergency Resources