Special Operations

Special Operations

The Special Operations Division consists of several work units that focus on proactive enforcement. The division commander is currently Captain Michael Paul. This division consists of the following work units: Narcotics and Vice, Violent Offenders, Public Housing Liaison, Courtroom Liaison, Reservoir Warden, and Traffic.

Narcotics and Vice Suppression Unit

The Narcotics and Vice Suppression unit is comprised of Narcotics Investigators, a Alcohol Enforcement Investigator, and a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Task Force Officer. Each of these entities works together to gather intelligence, enforce criminal laws, and prosecute offenders in both the State and Federal Prosecutorial Systems.

Narcotics Investigators including DEA TFO

The Narcotics Suppression Unit of the Rocky Mount Police Department is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of mid to upper level narcotics traffickers in the Rocky Mount, NC area. The Narcotics Vice Suppression Unit works with the US Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina through the Organized Crime/ Drug Enforcement Task Force and through East force; and with local, state, and federal agencies throughout the region. The unit also has a member permanently assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration's Counter Drug Task Force based in Raleigh, NC.

Alcohol Enforcement Investigator

The Alcohol Enforcement Investigator serves as a liaison to Licensed Bars, Taverns, and Nightclubs within the City of Rocky Mount. This position is tasked with conducting Violence Reduction and nuisance nightclub awareness training to Owners, operators, and onsite managers of licensed establishments as well as sworn police officers that conduct off duty security at licensed establishments. Conduct compliance inspections of BTN licensed establishments.

This position also serves as liaison to Sexually Oriented Businesses within the City of Rocky Mount. This investigator also conducts background investigations and provides recommendations to administrators as to the approval or denial of the applicant establishment. This position also conducts compliance inspections of Sexually Oriented Businesses within the City of Rocky Mount.

Violent Offender Unit

The violent offender unit is comprised of Gang Enforcement Investigators, a Firearms Enforcement Investigator, a US Marshal's Violent Fugitive Task Force Officer and a Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) Task Force Officer. Each of these entities works together to gather intelligence, enforce criminal laws, and locate violent offenders in the City of Rocky Mount.

Gang Investigations Unit

The Gang Investigation Unit is tasked with gathering intelligence and specific details of gangs that live and operate in the City of Rocky Mount. This involves learning the language of the gang, in terms of both culture and gang symbolism. Gangs are known to communicate using pictures, acronyms and hand signs. Gang investigators also track and gather information about known gang disputes, territories and create files on members that can help identify the gang's chain of command. The Gang Investigations Unit is also tasked with enforcement of illegal gang activity with prosecution at both the state and federal level.

Firearms Investigations Unit

A Firearms Enforcement Investigator assists in the investigation of violent offenses, especially those that involve the use or possession of weapons at the state and federal prosecutorial levels. Each firearm that is seized in the City of Rocky Mount is traced back to the original purchaser. It is important for the Firearms Enforcement Investigator to follow up with the original purchaser to determine how violent offenders have acquired these weapons. This also helps to identify stolen firearms, although they may not have been reported as such. The firearms enforcement investigators also works jointly with the State District Attorney's Office and Federal District Attorney's Office to aid in successful prosecution of violent offenders in the City of Rocky Mount.

United States Marshals Violent Fugitive TFO

The US Marshals Violent Fugitive Task Force Officer works specifically with locating and apprehending violent offenders who are wanted in this area. This task force works together with local, state, and other federal agencies to apprehend fugitives in Rocky Mount and the surrounding areas. Many of the fugitives that are apprehended by the task force have been on the run for quite some time. The task force provides additional resources and manpower that are a great asset to this agency in the apprehension violent offenders.

Court Liaison Unit

The Court Liaison Unit has a total of eight police personnel assigned, three full-time and five part-time. Their responsibilities include courthouse security, prisoner transportation, prisoner care, logging of court papers, scheduling of police personnel, and directives handed down by the court. This unit is also required to coordinate with other county and state agencies assuring that witnesses and defendants are present on their scheduled court date.

Reservoir Warden

The Rocky Mount Reservoir Unit has one part-time officer and a supervisor assigned. This unit is responsible for wildlife enforcement, enforcement of boating regulations, the enforcement of duck hunting regulations/permits and any citizen complaints or concerns involving the reservoir. The unit is responsible for all criminal violations that occur upon the reservoir and on all property owned by the City of Rocky Mount. The unit enforces pier and water withdrawal regulations and water quality concerns reporting violations to the appropriate City departments. The unit is responsible for reporting/handling maintenance concerns involving the boat ramps, Warden Office, and assigned equipment.

Traffic Enforcement Crash Reconstruction Unit (TECRU)

The Traffic Enforcement Crash Reconstruction Unit (TECRU) is staffed by a Sergeant, a Corporal, two Police Officers, and a civilian who is assigned as the Parking Control Officer. The Unit is committed to the education of the public and the enforcement of state and local motor vehicle laws. Their goal is to reduce vehicle crashes in the city and to gain compliance of traffic laws, therefore reducing property damage, physical injury and the loss of human life.

Enforcement of all traffic related offenses is another responsibly of the traffic unit. As well the traffic unit conducts DWI check points as well as license check points as part of their enforcement initiatives. Education is another important responsibility. The traffic unit typically conducts alcohol related presentations. These presentations also cover texting while driving, and other traffic related topics. The traffic unit also supports any city event that requires traffic control such as the Independence Celebration, Christmas Parade, Down Town Live Events.

Traffic Safety

The Traffic Enforcement Crash Reconstruction Unit is comprised of a highly trained and proactive team that is committed to the prevention of vehicle collisions, the fair and impartial enforcement of motor vehicle laws, and the education of our citizens regarding traffic safety issues. The TECRU investigates all traffic related fatalities and consists of officers that are State Certified Crash Reconstructionist. The TECRU falls under the Special Operations Division of the Police Department. Responsibilities of the TECRU:

  • Crash reduction initiatives

  • Traffic law enforcement

  • Fatal crash investigations & reconstructions

  • Felony Hit and Run Investigations

  • Crash Investigations

  • Traffic Safety Presentations

  • Participation in the Governor's Highway Safety Programs (GHSP) initiatives such as Booze it & Lose It and Click it or Ticket

  • Investigation of traffic complaints

  • Completion of speed studies

  • Inspection and certification of for hire vehicle such as taxis, limousines, and wreckers